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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 8, 2014 6:19pm-6:31pm EST

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its name. i went to thank chairman leahy, senior officials of the department of justice, and members of the cabinet for being here today. colleagues in the u.s. attorneys committee and throughout the department, on whose strength and wisdom eileen every day, thank all of you as lean on every i day, thank all of you as well. to my beloved office, you have twice now given me the privilege of being able to serve you and to focus on nothing but the protection of the american people. it has been a joy. it has been an honor. i will carry you with me wherever i go. of course, to my wonderful family. several of whom are here with me today, all of whom are always with me in love and support. most especially my parents, who could not be here today but are watching, whose every thought and sacrifice is always been for
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their children. they have supported me in all of my endeavors as i strive to live up to their example of service. the department of justice is the only cabinet department named for an ideal. this is actually appropriate, because our work is both aspirational and grounded in gritty reality. it is both ennobling and both profoundly challenging. today i stand before you, so thrilled and frankly so humbled to have the opportunity to lead this group of wonderful people who work all day and well into the night to make that ideal a manifest reality, all as part of their steadfast protection of the citizens of this country. mr. president, thank you again for the faith you have placed in me. and the to show to you american people that if i have the honor of being confirmed by the senate, i will wake up every
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morning with the protection of the american people my first thought. work every day to safeguard our citizens, our liberties, our right, and this great nation which has given so much to me and my family. i thank you again, mr. president and mr. attorney general and all of you for being here. [applause] [indiscernible] [inaudible] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014]
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c-span veterans day coverage begins tuesday morning at eight: 30 eastern during "washington journal" with an interview with werner jones. then at 10:00, the annual uso gala featuring general martin dempsey. we are live at 11:00 from arlington national cemetery for the traditional replaying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. just afternoon, a discussion on veterans' mental health issues, and later, selections from this year's white house medal of honor ceremonies. ahead of veterans day, president obama pays tribute to our nation's veterans and delivering this week' and address, house speaker john boehner discusses
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his party's legislative priorities for the 114th congress. >> hi, everybody. this weekend i depart for asia to advance american leadership and promote american jobs in the dynamic region that will be critical to our security and prosperity in the century ahead. the democracies, progress and growth we see across the asia-pacific would have been impossible without america's enduring commitment to that region, especially the service of generations of americans in uniform. as we approach veterans day, we honor them and all those who serve to keep us free and strong. we salute the greatest generation who freed a content -- continent to preserve our way of life. we pay tribute to americans who defended the people of south thea, soldiered through brutal battles of vietnam, stood up to a tyrant in desert storm, and stopped ethnic cleansing in the balkans. we celebrate our newest heroes
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from the 9/11 generation, our veterans from iraq and afghanistan. for more than 13 years we have been at war in afghanistan. our combat mission will be over. america's longest were will come to a responsible end. the end of war is the beginning of our obligations to those who serve in our name. these men and women will be proud veterans for decades to come, and our service to them has only just begun. as we welcome our newest veterans home, let's honor them by giving them the thanks and respect i deserve. -- they deserve. let's honor our veterans by making sure they get the care and benefits they have earned. that means health care that is there for them when they need it. it means continuing to reduce the disabilities claim backlog, and giving our wounded warriors all the care and support they need to heal, including mental health care for those with posttraumatic stress or traumatic rain injury. some of the most moving moments i have experienced as commander in chief have been with our
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wounded warriors. some have to learn how to walk again, talk again, write their names again. no matter how hard it is, they never give up. they never quit. we can't ever quit on them. let's honor our veterans by making sure they get their shot at the american dream that they risk their lives to defend by helping them find jobs worthy of their skills and talents, and making sure the post-9/11 g.i. bill stays strong so more veterans can earn a college education. when our veterans have the opportunity to succeed, our whole nation moves forward. let's work together to end the tragedy of homelessness of vet erans once and for all. finally, let's honor our veterans byron member this isn't just a job for government or it it's a job for every american. we are all keepers of that sacred trust that says if you put on a uniform and risk your life to keep us safe, we will do our part for you. we will make sure you and your family get the support you need.
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we will have your backs just like you had hours. this veterans day and every day, let's make sure all our veterans to how much we appreciate them. if you see a veteran, going up and shake their hand. look them in the eye. say those words every veteran deserves to hear. welcome home, thank you, we need you more than ever to help us stay strong and free. and then let's come together as americans to make sure we are there for them and their families for all the gears of all their lives. god bless our veterans, and their families, and god bless the united states of america. >> this is the time of year when we pause to pitcher view to america's veterans. as we consider their sacrifices, let us vow to live up to the promises we have made to them and their families. we cannot rest until our veterans have the 21st century health care system they deserve. it is the least a grateful nation can do. to a line intend
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scripture that says to whom much is given, much is expected. we will honor that trust by listening to you, by making your priorities are priorities. that means focusing first on helping middle-class families still struggling to pay the bills and find good paying jobs. we will start by debating and voting on the many jobs bills the house has acted on with bipartisan support. we will work to approve the keystone xl pipeline, which will mean lower energy costs for families and more jobs for american workers. we will advance the higher more heroes act, which will encourage employers to hire more of our nation's veterans. we will take on obamacare regulations that threaten the 40 hour workweek and the pay and peace of mind of so many americans. these types of common sense starting offer a good point. they will help break the logjam
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in washington. from there, more good ideals will follow on with them, a chance to address some of the most pressing challenges we face, whether it is a tax burden driving jobs overseas, health care costs that continue to rise, or an education system that leaves too many of our young people unprepared for the future. this is the time for solutions to get our economy booming again and more eager to get to work. will be ouries priorities. that is our pledge to you, the people we serve. >> on the next "washington looksl," peyton craighill at the demographics and attitudes that shaped this year's election results. examines how divided government can work. we will mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the a georgetownith
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university professor and a look at u.s.-german relations and the impact of a unified germany. we will take your calls, and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern live on c-span. here on c-span, "the communicators" is next with christopher yoo, discussing policye -- open internet . that is followed by a look at how tuesday's midterm elections were reported on by the media. then more on open internet policy with a discussion hosted by the fordham law school in new york city. c-span, created by america's cable companies 35 years ago and brought to you as a public service by your local cable or satellite provider. from time to time on "the
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communicators" we like to step back from the day-to-day issues and talk to the big thinkers on telecommunications policy. joining us this week is university of pennsylvania professor christopher yoo, who runs the center for technology, innovation and competition there. professor yoo, what is that? >> it is part of the law school. we do research and hold events. we are sponsoring innovative programs to sponsor a new type of professional. >> and where does the technology and innovation coming? >> it comes to telecommunications policy. when you look at the way we use devices and the internet, even back in 1995, it was [indiscernible] if you look at the


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